APT Solutions

APT is providing solutions for companies using plastic materials across the medical, composite, recycling and pharmaceutical sectors.

Polymer Processing

Polymer Processing

a2APT has installed a state of the art laboratory with equipment for polymer processing.

This resource continues to expand as new demands continue to emerge in the development of materials of higher performance and functionality.

We have developed a diversified staff of technical experts to become a one-stop vendor for our customers.

Our extensive processing capabilities include:
  • Injection molding (various tonnages, twin shot and micromoulding)
  • Compression molding
  • Single and twin screw extrusion,
  • Tube, profile, film extrusion
  • Compounding
  • Blow moulding
  • Thermoforming

APT makes these facilities available to a range of clients across numerous sectors for a range of purposes such as trial runs, compounding, R&D and masterbatching. To find out more: