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APT is providing solutions for companies using plastic materials across the medical, composite, recycling and pharmaceutical sectors.

APT Research

apt_researchThe Applied Polymer Technologies (APT Ireland) Technology Gateway serves the €2 billion Plastics Industry in Ireland, which plays a vitally important role in the Irish economy, comprising 200 companies and employing 12,000 people. Plastics are unrivalled in the diversity of their properties, polymers such as cotton, wool, rubber, Teflon and polyethylene are used in nearly every industry. Natural and synthetic polymers can be produced with a wide range of stiffness’s, strengths, heat resistances, densities, and even prices. With continued research into the science and applications of polymers, they are playing an ever increasing role in society. APT develops novel filler systems, additive masterbatches, polymers and polymer production techniques for bespoke applications . Products of the plastics and polymer sector are integral to the products of many other large industrial sectors,including medical devices, pharmaceutical, automotive, packaging and construction, which provide combined exports in excess of €30 billion.

APT Focuses on several linked research areas:


Network of excellence – Collaboration at the heart of APT research

APT Ireland is an internationally recognised leader in collaborative research and development projects and its team have established an extensive network of distinguished industry, clinical and academic links. Our polymer research centre has grown to be the leading plastics materials and processing research centre in Ireland and is proud of its extensive links with industry and other institutions throughout the world. Collaborative studies with world leading international institutions including Harvard University and Dalhousie University are currently on-going.orts in excess of €30 billion.