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APT is providing solutions for companies using plastic materials across the medical, composite, recycling and pharmaceutical sectors.

Biomedical Polymers

Biomedical-PolymersAPT Ireland is a leading innovator in industry driven research and development of advanced biomedical device technology solutions. Medical technology is a major contributor to the EU economy, employing over 500,000 people in high end jobs and generating sales revenue of over €95 billion per year. Polymers are one of the most important materials used in the medical device industry. Advancements in polymer technology have enabled plastics to be used in healthcare applications that demand high consistency, performance, precision and regulatory compliance. Innovations in the field of plastics have contributed to the advancement of medicine, including improvements in surgical equipment and techniques, critical care and life support hardware. The application of plastic technology to medicine has also contributed to decreasing rates of infection and medication-related error. As plastic technologies improve, medical device designers and engineers are choosing plastics over conventional materials, such as metals. Advancements in sterilisation techniques, a shift towards disposable devices, and technological innovations are driving overall market growth and expansion. The development of novel materials, such as biocompatible polymers for use in medical implants, will provide further momentum to the thriving global medical plastics market.

APT key capabilities and on-going research

APT Ireland’s partnership with Irish medical device companies has grown over the last 20 years and is central to the cutting-edge biomedical research carried out in AIT. Many of the top biomedical companies in Ireland have carried out successful short, medium and long time research projects with our Polymer Research team. The Medical Technology sector in Ireland comprises 200 companies, generating €7.2 billion in exports and employs 25,000 people. In Ireland, this sector relies heavily on plastics and is changing from being prominently manufacturing based to R&D driven. APT Ireland, in collaboration with our industry, clinical and academic partners, continues to create innovative technologies that underpin the development of next generation polymer medical devices. AIT’s Biosciences Research Institute, Department of Nursing & Health Science also ensures close linkages with a number of leading hospitals and clinicians which will provide crucial supports to such research.

APT Research