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APT is providing solutions for companies using plastic materials across the medical, composite, recycling and pharmaceutical sectors.

Polymer Recycling

a3One of greatest challenges facing the multibillion euro Plastics industry in Europe is the sustainability of the material feedstock. Oil has been the predominant resource for the production of traditional polymeric materials, with conventional petroleum-based plastics currently dominating the market. Biobased materials are gaining importance as they decrease dependence on non-renewable fossil fuels and play an important role in establishing a sustainable plastics industry. It is estimated that up to 30% of raw materials for the European chemical industry could come from renewable sources by 2025.
Three decades ago, the recycling sector was basically non-existent in Europe. Today, this expanding and innovative sector has an annual turnover of €24 billion. 60,000-plus companies, three-quarters of which are small businesses, have created jobs for half a million people. The use of plastics waste as a resource has a significant role to play in the recycling sector with the European plastics industry having a turnover in excess of €280 billion per year.

APT key capabilities and on-going research

Resource efficiency is key to securing growth and jobs for both Ireland and Europe, as highlighted in the EU Resource Efficiency Roadmap, Raw Materials Initiative and Europe 2020. Ireland’s own environmental and energy policies endeavour to treat waste as a resource, commit to developing a recycling society and prioritise the diversion of waste from landfills. Our ongoing research is closely aligned with these national and European directives and policies. APT Ireland continues to develop innovative approaches, processes and materials which support the development of sustainable plastics products and technologies. Companies that rise to the challenge of becoming more sustainable will be best placed to grow their business.

APT Research