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APT is providing solutions for companies using plastic materials across the medical, composite, recycling and pharmaceutical sectors.

Spotlight on CISD

A Recent teamup between CISDs Senior Design Engineer, Conor Hayes and Dublin Design Studio has resulted in the amazing Scriba.

Scriba is a pioneering new stylus designed to thicken line weight and change functions all with a simple squeeze. After developing Scriba to a well defined ergonomic form including electronics, Dublin Design Studio approached CISD to bring the polymer components to manufacture. This involved a detailed design engineering phase building a high quality 3D CAD model using complex surface modelling techniques, SLA prototyping and prototype injection moulding. As part of this design phase a rigorous material selection and testing process was carried out to ensure the right amount of squeeze force was attained in conjunction with repeatability and reliability testing.

By levering CISD’s expertise in Design for Manufacture and polymer materials analyses and testing, Dublin Design studio has been able to bring Scriba to manufacture with a functionally optimised and fully manufacturable polymer part design





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